Doc Volz has


Comedy Mentalism Show

Come with an itchy head…


...because you WILL

be scratching it.

Doc swears he doesn't read minds - he reads people.

But nobody seems to believe him.  

Over and over he seems to pluck thought-of names and numbers, emotions and ideas right out of people’s minds. 


As a World-champion magician, comedy stage hypnotist and therapist Doc has spent 30 years studying the back doors of the mind.  He is an expert in the power of persuasion and observation.  He is a master of how to make people laugh and go WTF!?!   


His show weaves together mystery, comedy, demonstrations of seemingly impossible skills achievable only through a trained mind and the illusion of psychic phenomena. 

Audiences enjoy seeing him demonstrate such things as:

  • spoons bending in front of your eyes. 

  • reading a person's emotions from the subtlest of body language. 

  • mental feats such as math done faster than the calculator on your phones

  • rapid-fire memorization of entire books

  • premonitions of things he could not possibly know

  • keys bending inside an audience member's closed fist

  • the power of persuasion using amazing linguistic secrets

  • plucking thoughts directly from your mind that you haven't shared with anyone

He leaves audiences wondering if he really does have supernatural powers or if, like Doc says, we really can understand ourselves and others more than we know through body language, Freudian slips and the study of human nature.