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Comedy Stage Hypnotist and
Comedy Stage Magician


International multi-award-winning entertainment veteran brings laughter and genuine amazement to colleges, cruise ships, theaters, TV and private events like yours with minimum loss of life...

Larry is Winner of the International Brotherhood of Magicians "People's Choice" Award and has been seen on TV with Penn & Teller.  He performed on cruise ships for over 10 years, had his own theater in Williamsburg, VA, won the International Battle of the Hypnotists in Tokyo Japan and opened for Randy Travis in front of a crowd of 45,000.

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Comedy Hypnosis Show

Comedy Stage Magician

Escape Room Owner/Designer


Super-villain/"deathtrap"designer for escape rooms around the country.


He also is a pioneer of mobile escape rooms.  He Can, and has, fly escape rooms all over the country for a fantastic fun team-building event where players find clues, solve puzzles within puzzles and solve a mission.  


Your team has only 30-60 minutes to rid the world of zombies, change the path of a missile, defuse a bomb, find your invitation to the school of wizardry and more.  Can you meet the challenge?

Mobile Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms Custom-built for You

Behavioral Flexibility & Creative Innovation Consultant

What is keeping you or your organization from achieving exactly what you want right now?  

What could you do with a culture of fun innovation and the behavioral flexibility to change more quickly and easily? 

Larry is an expert in creativity and behavioral flexibility and has helped thousands over the last two decades.

He offers seminars and workshops on behavioral flexibility and innovation using entertainment and mobile escape rooms that make your events and trainings unforgettable fun.

And he teaches/facilitates hypnosis/self-hypnosis for self-improvement and self-mastery over fears and habits of all kinds.

The best way to learn about that is a phone call to 804-882-1951.

Richmond Hypnosis Center/Virginia School of Hypnosis